Yellow Superfood™
Raw Force Protein

YELLOW RAW FORCE PLANT-BASED PROTEINS contains four concentrated sources of plant proteins with a complete profile of essential amino acids and specially formulated to help metabolize proteins. Raw Force helps to build strong muscles and antibodies, promote normal growth and development, and help metabolize carbohydrates, lipids and proteins.

  • Plant-based proteins
  • Contains complete profile of essential amino acids
  • High concentration of Yellow Nutritional Yeast
  • Rich in vitamin D, chromium, selenium, and zinc
  • Helps metabolize carbohydrates, lipids and proteins

YELLOW RAW FORCE provides antioxidants, which they significantly reduce the negative effects of free radicals on normal physiological functions and act in the formation of proteins helping to combat oxidative stress.

In addition to supporting normal growth and development, YELLOW RAW FORCE  helps metabolize proteins in the development of lean muscle mass *.

* Lean muscle mass is the total mass of the skin, bones, muscles and body fluids; and its physiological significance is more important than body fat and its loss with age is a risk to health.
People who play sports or activities requiring strength, power and endurance need to maintain or increase their lean muscle mass.


 Yellow Superfood Nutritional Yeast

 Raw Force also contains Yellow Superfood, a nutritional yeast that contains all B vitamins, including B12. It is also a natural source of vitamin D, chromium, selenium, and zinc. Yellow Raw Force is designed for active people seeking a healthy diet.

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Per 2 tablespoons (28 g), amino acid profile:
– Isoleucine 876 mg
– Leucine 1469 mg
– Lysine 1471 mg
– Methionine 245 mg
– Threonine 702 mg
– Tryptophan 197 mg
– Valine 959 mg
– Phenylalanine 951 mg
– Alanine 856 mg
– Arginine 1498 mg
– Aspartic acid 2063 mg
– Glutamic acid 2804 mg
– Glycine 768 mg
– Proline 1319 mg
– Serine 925 mg
– Tyrosine 693 mg
– Cysteine 186 mg
– Histidine 461 mg
Source of phytonutrients:
Per 2 tablespoons (28 g)
– Prebiotics fibers: glucans, mannans and thehalose 1100 mg
– Glutathion-e GSH (tripeptides chains of amino acids: glycine, glutamate and cysteine) 10 mg
– Omega-3 Plant-based source 325 mg

Source of essential nutrients:
Per 2 tablespoons (28 g)
– Vitamin C 100 %
– Vitamin D2 60 %
– Thiamine B1 8 %
– Riboflavin B2 64 %
– Niacin B3 24 %
– Pantothenate B5 40 %
– Pyridoxine B6 30 %
– Biotin B8 8 %
– Acide folique B9 40 %
– Chromium 20 mcg
– Selenium 20 mcg
– Zinc 10 mg
Note of the % RDA: Recommended Daily Allowance. Ingredients: Per 2 tablespoons (28 g)
– 21 g of plant-based proteins isolate (concentration 80 %) with Glutathione antioxidant, tripeptide
chains of amino acids.
– 4,5 g of Yellow Superfood : Saccharomyces cerevisiae with all B complex vitamins including B12,
vitamin D2, chromium, selenium and zinc.
– 2,4 g de chia, hemp and flaxseed: essentials fatty acids.
Vitamin C, stevia extract.