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Ecoideas® Maca HP Tea

High Potency Maca Tea with Edible Pieces

• Certified Organic
• High Potency
• Sustainably Grown, Ethically Traded
• Subtle Flavour

Ecoideas’ standardized dehydration process preserves and concentrates maca’s active properties, which can be damaged by other drying processes. Our maca is cultivated at high altitudes in Peru from an organic farm.
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Kurundu Ltd
Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Tea

(60g, 24 teabags)

• 100% Pure Cinnamon Tea – No Additives
• Made from only Ceylon Cinnamon (NOT cassia!)
• Calms blood sugar peaks
• Beneficial effect on free radicals in blood
• Delicious and soothing!

Ceylon Cinnamon is often called ‘true cinnamon’. It is not the same cinnamon commonly seen in grocery stores. Ceylon Cinnamon has a smoother taste compared cassia cinnamon – a lower quality spice that dominates our market.
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NEW: 2 Maté Factor® Yerba Maté Teas!

Maté Factor® continues to formulate delicious, energizing, organic Yerba Maté blends. Two new blends have been introduced into the collection: Try a smooth Earl Green on it’s own, or add some milk and honey to deepen this tea’s rich, smooth … Read more…

Maté Factor®
Yerba Maté Loose Leaf Tea

(200g bag)

• Certified Organic
• Natural Energizer
• Mineral Rich
• Delicious and Unique Variety of Blends!

The Healthy Energizer! Many Minerals Found in Yerba Maté Support Metabolism and Development: chromium, copper, iron, manganese, potassium, and zinc. Read more…

Ananda Chaga™

• Certified Organic
• Sustainably Harvested
• Wild Crafted from Northern Ontario
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