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Lumière de Sel®
WHITE Himalayan Salt Computer Lamp & Nightlight

• Both Shaped & Natural Varieties Available

This salt lamp helps reduce electro-magnetic pollution generated from your computer by releasing negative ions. It plugs straight into your USB port, with a glow from an LED that lasts more than 20,000 hrs! It doubles as a nightlight and can light your keyboard at night. A beautiful and healthy addition to any workspace.
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Lumière de Sel®
WHITE Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps

(2.5 – 3.5kg)

Beautiful salt right from the Himalayan Mountains has now been sorted into pink and white! Ideal in your home or work place, this natural ionizer reduces the amount of positive ions in your environment, providing cleaner air and a healthier atmosphere. The natural warm glow of the lamp brings feelings of tranquility to any room.
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Lumière de Sel®
Tealight Diffuser

When lit, the heat from this Crystal Salt tealight holder diffuses the aroma of essential oils into the atmosphere. The diffuser is compatible with standard tealights. and the glass plate on top holds and diffuses essential oils into your room.
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Himalayan Soapnuts™

(250g & 1kg)

• Certified Organic, 100% Biodegradable, No Additives or Preservatives, Non-polluting Contents and Packaging

Himalayan Soapnuts™ are the most ecologically responsible and economically-sound laundry detergent. They can also be used as a pure, natural shampoo, all-purpose cleaner, gentle pet wash, or natural pesticide. Read more…