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Hot Tigernut Cereal

• *Tigernuts are tubers, NOT actual nuts!*
• Very High Source of Fibre
• Organic
• Gluten Free
• Excellent Source of Iron
• Alkaline food – Balances the body’s pH
• Rich in easily absorbable minerals
• Source of Energy
• No Added Sugar
• Fast!
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Organic Raw
SLICED Tigernuts


• RAW, Certified Organic, Gluten Free, Highest Natural Source of Fibre

Sliced Tigernuts are a fibre-rich, nut-free alternative to sliced almonds. Add them to the tops of cookies and cakes, or sprinkle them on your morning yogourt for a fibre boost! Tigernuts are a tuber, and are nature’s single highest source of fibre, at 41%. Read more…