Simple Sudz™
Cream Cleaners

A Line of highly effective multi purpose cream cleaners with 100% Natural Ingredients. Tough on stains, gentle on the planet!

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ready Biodegradable
  • Non- Toxic
  • Child and Pet Safe
  • Effective
  • The Highest Standard in Natural Cleaning Products



Made of ingredients permitted on organic farms:

Organic soap, silicates, soda ash, diatomaceous earth, pumice, and water.


Available in:

  • Oven Cleaner
  • Tub and Tile Cleaner
  • Fabric and Carpet Cleaner
  • Simple Shine: Silver and Stainless Steel Polish


Our Product Philosophy

In our ongoing quest to provide ever-more sustainable products to our consumers, we continue to improve and expand our product offerings.



Currently, were developing a manufacturing facility to be powered by predominantly wind, and solar energy. Our estimated time of completion for this facility is the end of 2012. Once this facility is up and running, we will post videos to introduce it to our consumers. Exciting! Until then, all are products are hand made using giant pots and mixers in an industrial unit in St. Catherines, Ontario.


Ingredient Disclosure

Our philosophy is to always disclose what our products are made from. On the label of every Simple Sudz container, you will find a list of the minimalist ingredients we use. We make it a point to find the most sustainable suppliers we can. We are committed to sourcing from organic and fair-trade vendors wherever possible. Currently, all the ingredients for all our products are on the Permitted Substances List prepared by Canadian Organic Growers.



If you look at the bottom of any Simple Sudz container, you will see PETE and the number 1 in the centre of three chasing arrows. This is meant to identify the type of consumer plastic, or resin, our containers are made from. While most plastic can be recycled, PETE plastic recycling is the most practical. PETE plastic containers, once recycled, are converted to polar fleece material, jacket insulation, items from the highly fashionable and renewable Modrobes clothing line, and more.

By providing a concentrated cream cleaner, we are also able to drastically reduce the amount of plastic needed for packaging. And besides, why pay for water?





“Simple Sudz takes cleaning to a new level, where you find yourself seeking out the most challenging stains just to see how it will do.”

– Remo Ferrone, Environmental Enthusiast, Oakville, ON


“Simple Sudz is the natural cleaning product of choice for LUX. As a professional residential cleaning service, we’ve spent considerable resources researching what is real and what is fake when it comes to truly non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning products. Not only does Simple Sudz meet our high quality eco-standards but it works incredibly well on virtually any surface. Our clients love the natural, fragrance free approach. Our teams love the way it leaves surfaces detail cleaned without compromising their safety. I highly recommend Simple Sudz.”

– Al Driedger, Managing Director for LUX Cleaning Services, Toronto, ON


“I saw Simple Sudz at a trade show in Chicago, spring of 2010. I watched the demo of these Canadian made cleaning products and immediately saw a use for them to clean stainless steel in our fabrication business. Quite quickly I saw that the Simple Sudz line of products could be used in a number of places, saving time, money, and skus. Simple Sudz is fantastic for easy cleaning. We started off using it on all our stainless and powder coated parts. Now, we’ve been using Simple Sudz for the past year and use it for all our plant equipment and office cleaning as well. It also works great on my truck, and boat too. Simple Sudz replaced all our chemical and solvent cleaners. We liked the product so much, we’ve even taken on the manufacturing of Simple Sudz cleaning products.”

– Randy Hingston, President of Hingston Metal Fabricators, St. Catherines, ON


“Being a firefighter, I have found that it’s also miraculous when it comes to cleaning my hands! Before Simple Sudz we used the traditional and very harsh orange cleanser. Simple Sudz not only cleans the hands, but under the nails and leaves them soft. Nothing gets the grease and fire by-products out of the skin the way this does! I love the eco-friendly product, love the philosophy behind it and am nothing but thrilled to use such a fantastic product.”

– Jana Chvatal, Toronto Firefighter, Toronto, ON