Righteously Raw®
Raw Chocolate Bars

5 delicious flavours: Maca, Goji, Caramel, Acai, and Maqui

Why Raw?

Because the nutritional and enzymatic structures that make ingredients in our bars so powerful in their raw state would be damaged by the heat if they were cooked, making it difficult or even impossible, for our bodies to absorb the benefits at their full potential.

Raw chocolate is reported to be one of the leading antioxidant-rich substances on the planet. Dark chocolate’s flavanols and antioxidants step up the nitric acid in blood vessels to improve blood flow throughout the body and reduce blood pressure helping to manage your blood sugar.

Studies have demonstrated a solid connection between oxidant stress and chronic tissue damage, which can lead to cancers and diabetes. This stress can be countered by an abundant supply of antioxidants. Raw chocolate also provides an abundant source of minerals like iron and magnesium and is one of the so-called “Superfoods.” So eat up! It’s for your health!

Made with Superfoods

Superfoods are foods rich in phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are purported to have disease-fighting properties including a reduction in the risk of certain forms of cancer. Also, they have been shown to help strengthen the immune system and offer evidence of decreasing inflammation throughout the body. And, foods high in phytochemicals are not only good for you, they also taste really good.

Besides the nutrient rich, highly beneficial raw chocolate – which accounts for 80% or more of each bar – the remaining percentage of our bars are composed of Superfoods. This gives each of the 5 bars their own unique health benefits and taste.


Low Glycemic Index

Using only naturally occurring sweeteners and fruits that don’t pass 35 on the glycemic index, Righteously Raw is redefining what sweet actually is. Our cacao bars offer you truly sweet taste without the distressing “spike” associated with traditionally sweetened products.


The way chocolate ought to be…

Righteously Raw contains no preservatives, chemicals, dairy, soy, gluten, nuts, or refined sugars, letting you experience real chocolate as it comes from the earth. Indulge in this unique blend of raw cacao, sweetened only by sugars from fruits, offering an unprecedented treat providing superior health benefits.


Food of the gods… literally!

Chocolate has often been referred to as “The Food of the Gods.” In fact, the scientific name for chocolate is Theobroma Cacao, which translates to, “Cacao, Food of the Gods.”


Gratitude, Integrity and Conscious Foods

It is our intention to create products that reflect all that is righteous and to provide a service to the world that speaks a message. By facilitating the availability of high frequency foods used by native people for generations, we hope to shift the awareness of what is truly good for the body and create a balance for a fair trade economy worldwide.


Ingredient Quality

Righteously Raw understands how important it is to do things right. We’ve made sure that every productive move is done with extreme diligence and oversight, and are proud to boast an impressive array of certifications attesting to our dedication to excellence. Rest assured every product that comes out of our facility is closely regulated to ensure that, without exception, anything and everything we bring to you will always be as pure as possible.