Quantum NutritionInc.
Protein Bars

ProteinBarsDeliciously fresh oven-baked Protein Bars!


• 15g of Protein

• 6g of Fibre

• Gluten Free

• 100% Natural

• No sugar added

• Low Glycemic Index – made with YACON SYRUP




– Slow release food calories

– Aids in muscle repair and recovery

– Immune function booster

– Great on-the-go snack packed with real food nutrition


3 Flavours: Cacao, Coconut, Chocolate Caramel



Protein is an important component for every cell in our bodies: hair and nails, tissue building and repair, bones, muscles, skin, the production of enzymes, hormones, and other bodily chemicals. It is also well-known that protein also plays an important role in Weight Management and Body Building.