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Stevia Products

In 1986, the average American consumed 25 pounds of sugar per year. Today, the average person consumes 152 pounds. Sugar displaces nutritive calories leading to numerous health problems and obesity. An alternative should be sought by all.


Today we are lucky that there is a sweetener that is both natural and healthy, with no negative health implications or side effects.  The sweetener you have been waiting for is… Stevia. What is stevia? A shrub native to Paraguay, used for over 1500 years by the native Guarani Indians. It is an herb with an abundance of positive effects; the whole leaf contains numerous phytonutrients and trace minerals and is much sweeter than sugar without the negative health effects. It is ideal for those who are hypoglycemic, diabetic, or naturally health conscious.



Our Varieties


Spoonable Stevia

One to One™

(250 g Jars)

Pure-le Natural Spoonable Stevia One to One™ Powder is the easiest form of stevia to use in your baking and cooking.  It is equal to sugar in sweetness, teaspoon for teaspoon, cup for cup.  Treat it exactly as you would treat sugar and enjoy!

Sugar = Spoonable Stevia

1 tsp. = 1 tsp


Stevia Concentrated Liquid

(30ml Bottles)

Pure-le Natural Stevia Concentrate Liquid is ideal for use in any liquid you would like to sweeten.  It is heat stable, enabling it to be used in drinks, both hot (coffee and tea) and cold (energy drinks, smoothies, lemonade) as well as in cooking (sauces and soups) and in frozen items (daiquiris, ice cream, milk shakes).

1 tsp. = 1/8 tsp.





Stevia Concentrated Powder

(25g Jars)

Pure-le Natural Stevia Concentrate Powder is ideal for use in any baking item you would like to sweeten.  It is heat stable, so its taste and flavour will not change with high heat from an oven or stove, or when freezing.

1 tsp = 1/32 tsp

1 cup = 1/2 tsp