Pure-lé Natural®
Prostate Rx

Prostate Rx is the product that blends safe, clinically proven, nutrients for prostate health and proper urinary function in just 1 capsule daily! Each capsule has the same amount of phytosterols (the active constituent in pygeum and saw palmetto) as more than 1500 capsules of saw palmetto berries. That’s not a typo — 1500 saw palmetto capsules.

A normal prostate gland is quite small, it weighs only about an ounce, and is nearly the same size and shape as a walnut. It is located just below the bladder.  The prostate wraps around the tube that carries urine from the bladder out through the penis. As a man ages, his hormone levels change, causing his prostate gland to gradually enlarge. This enlargement often is the source of pain and urinary difficulties. This all too common condition is known medically as benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Some degree of BPH is present in 80% of all men over 40 years old and this figure increases to 95% of all men 80 years old.


Ingredients: 321mg Phytosterol Complex, 112mg Vitamin C, 26mg Zinc (from zinc gluconate), 21mg Lycopene (from tomatoes).



30 Capsules