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Ojibwa Blend

Our modern world is fraught with obstacles to good health. Exposure to toxic substances like; chemicals, pesticides, fumes, food preservatives and artificial ingredients, car exhaust, pharmaceutical drugs, and tobacco cause toxins to build up in your system. here, these toxins may cause abnormalities in once healthy cells, which can lead to chronic and degenerative conditions.


Did you know…

About 75% of the Western diet comes from processed foods, with each of us averaging a yearly consumption of 8-10lbs of food additives and preservatives. This year alone it is estimated that over 80,00 premature deaths will result from air pollution. Even if we are vigilant in trying to avoid toxins, we are still subjected to levels our bodies were never designed or are capable of handling properly.


Why Cleanse and Detoxify?

Health is based on nutrition, exercise, rest, and our ability to remove toxins. Detoxification (collecting and removing toxic waste from your body) is vital. Our organs ‘push’ unwanted toxins into the bloodstream where they are filtered out by our liver, and eventually eliminated. When our systems are overburdened by toxins or our elimination process is not working properly, the result is toxic build-up. If this build-up is not cleared, toxic waste may be stored inside of us permanently. This increases the likeliness of serious illness, infection and disease.


Ojibwa Blend

Ojibwa Blend is the time-tested gentle yet powerful detoxifier. Most cleaners are aggressive, cause irritation, have harsh side-effects, and rarely deal with toxins that infiltrate organs and tissues. Ojibwa Blend gently flushes toxic residue from the kidneys, liver, lungs, colon, bloodstream, and deepest cells. The use of strong bowel-evacuating herbs irritate the colon, and repeated colonics can wash away valuable nutrients and friendly bacteria. Ojibwa Blend uses herbs that improve digestion, keeping food from rotting and becoming a source of toxins. Cleansing intestinal organs, Ojibwa Blend gently removes the plaque and sludge allowing for full absorption of nutrients.



Burdock root (Arctium lappa), slippery elm bark (Ulmus fulva), sheep sorrel herb (Rumex acetosella), rhubarb root (Turkish Rheum officinale).


Safe and Easy to Use:

Ojibwa Blend is a ready-made concentrate. Simply place drops under your tongue, hold for 20-30 seconds, then swallow.