Govinda™ Tigernut Spread

//Govinda™ Tigernut Spread

Govinda™ Tigernut Spread

Vanilla Tigernut Spread Tigernut Spread makes a delicious topping on toast, breakfast cereal and pancakes. Use it to fill tarts and as icing for baked goods.
• Source of Vitamin E
• Vegan
• Certified Organic
• Gluten Free
• NO Added Sugar!
• Delicious and Naturally Sweet

Chocolate Tigernut Spread Naturally sweet tigernut spread made with fair trade cacao.
• Source of Iron and Fibre
• Certified Organic
• Vegan and Gluten Free
• No Added Sugar
• Rich and Chocolaty

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Tigernut Spread 250g, Chocolate Tigernut Spread 220g


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