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Whole Greenwheat Freekeh™

What is Freekeh?

Freekeh (pronounced “free-kah”) is a delicious whole grain that’s picked when young – at its peak of taste and nutrition. Popular throughout the Middle East for centuries, Freekeh gets its name from the fire-roasting process that gives it its delightful nutty taste and satisfying crunch. Because the wheat grain is picked while it is still green, it has more minerals and vitamins than mature wheat, as well as 4x the fibre of brown rice.

Higher in protein, vitamins and minerals than mature grains, Greenwheat Freekeh™ can help in weight loss, managing diabetes, and diminishing the risk of some cancers. It is also more easily tolerated by those with wheat sensitivities.

Why Eat Freekeh?

When compared to pasta, white or brown rice, and other ancient grains, Premium Green Grains™ brand of Greenwheat Freekeh™ comes out on top. Our Greenwheat Freekeh™ comes directly from Australia, where natural drying and roasting technology ensures consistent texture and a delightful flavour. Over 17 years of clinical studies conducted by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency, and AGAL, the Australian Government Analytical Labs, show it’s the healthiest brand on the market. (See below for links to studies.)

  • Free from normal gluten – more easily tolerated by those with wheat sensitivities
  • 2x the protein of white rice
  • Rich in calcium, iron, zinc and lutein; Great for bone and eye health
  • Nearly 4x the fibre of brown rice
  • Low GI, low fat, low carb product with ‘resistant starch’
  • Good source of prebiotics for digestive health
  • It can help assist in weight loss, managing diabetes, and diminishing the risk of some cancers
  • No pesticides, additives or GMOs


Learn more about the many benefits of Premium Green Grains™ brand Greenwheat Freekeh™

CSIRO Freekeh Study: Cardiovascular and Bowel Health

CSIRO Freekeh Study: Glycaemic Index and Insulin Response

CSIRO Freekeh Product Analysis: Nutritional Benefits


What is the difference between Whole and Cracked?

The two types of Freekeh are different textures. Additionally, cracked Freekeh cooks faster.

How Do I Use It?

  • Ideal in soups, salads, or vegetarian meals
  • Substitute fro rice in your favourite recipes
  • Can be turned into vege burgers!
  • Makes a great hot breakfast
  • Delicious hot or cold
  • 1 cup dry will yield 3 cups prepared




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