Lumière de Sel®
Himalayan Salt Inhaler

This Salt Inhaler is made from high quality ceramic. When you inhale through the mouthpiece, the passing moisture absorbs micron particles of incredibly pure, bio energetic and mineral-laden Himalayan Pink Salt, which penetrates and cleanses the entire respiratory system including sinuses, nasal cavities, throat and lungs. This salt air flushes impurities such as allergy and asthma triggers, smoke particulate and other impurities that can distress the respiratory system. Himalayan salt inhalers are considered to be the most effective form of Speleotherapy (the therapeutic use of salt, via mines, caves or other forms of exposure to salted air).

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The Benefits of Salt Air

For many years, the Himalayan salt caves have been used to enhance the natural balance the human body needs to encourage healing. Disease or illness exists is a state of imbalance within the human body that prevents the natural healing process that provides optimal health.

Through Scientific study, it has been found that the healing effects of the salt chambers can activate our body’s innate self-healing and self-regulating abilities, enabling our bodies to create the balance needed to heal itself.

The Himalayan Salt Inhaler™ is considered to be the most effective type of Speleotherapy (salt air therapy). The inhaler provides the natural balance of salt needed to enhance the healing process necessary to alleviate respiratory ailments such as:

  • Asthma (and asthma triggers)
  • Hay Fever
  • Allergies
  • Sinus Conditions
  • Bronchitis
  • Cold and Flu symptoms
  • Breathing difficulties created by pollution in our air
  • Sneezing, coughing & shortness of breath
  • Dehydration symptoms & Irritation due to Smoking
  • Respiratory symptoms caused by mold or fungus

Additional Benefits of a Salt Inhaler:

  • 100% natural, drug free effective remedy
  • Promotes bronchial drainage
  • Eases respiratory symptoms quickly
  • Helps reduce asthma attacks
  • Improves life quality, easy to use
  • Local effect mechanism
  • No counter-reaction or side effects


How to Use Your Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Holding the spout of inhaler to the mouth, inhale deeply through the mouth and exhale through your nose. The tiny particles of salt will be able to get deep into your respiratory system and, like a neti pot, will clean out nasal passageways. Using the salt inhaler pipe for 15-25 minutes daily (depending on intensity of symptoms). General use can also help flush away impurities from the air we breathe.


The Salt Inside…

The Himalayan Crystal Salt is packed between two porcelain filters inside the device. Himalayan salt has strong antibacterial properties to promote good health. Read more about Himalayan salt here or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.