Lumière de Sel®
Crystal Salt Brine Stones

What is Brine Solution?

Brine solution is made by dissolving salt crystal stones in water – a process that will cease at a state of 26% saturation. Once at this saturation level, the crystals will no longer dissolve. The solution created at this saturation level is called brine or “sole”. One teaspoon of sole is then added to a glass of good quality drinking water (like reverse osmosis, distilled or spring water) and is then drunk every morning on an empty stomach. This routine has helped people with a variety of ailments.

Benefits of the regular use include:

•    Increased energy levels.
•    A soothing of the nerves.
•    Stimulation of digestion and metabolism by adjusting alkaline/acid balance.
•    Adds essential minerals to the body; contains over 80 minerals.
•    Unique crystalline structure enables better absorption of these minerals and trace elements (and in the right proportions).
•    Helps in the transportation of water to the cells.
•    Aids in the removal of wastewater, deposits of refined salt, and other toxic materials from cells.
•    Is antibacterial and can be used for brushing teeth and as a mouthwash.
•    Reduces bleeding from the gums.


Blood test showing the effects of consuming brine (sole) solution on the blood cells:

Before taking sole:                                   After taking sole:

Test shows blood cells stick together      Test shows the spaces between the cells are visibly larger

Results: Brine solution (sole) enables a smoother flow of blood. The crystalline structure of the brine is so profound that its vibration pattern lasts for over 24 hours in our bodies. Before drinking brine, the blood test showed the blood cells sticking together. Within 30 minutes of drinking brine, tests showed that the spaces between the cells were visibly larger. The blood cells began to separate from each other, allowing for smoother blood flow. In Europe, doctors found that drinking sole and using Himalayan Crystal Salt can help ease suffering from gout, rheumatism, arthritis and other disease.


How to prepare Brine Solution

Set the Crystal Salt stones in a glass jar with a lid. Cover them with quality spring water. After an hour and a half, the salty water will reach 26% saturation and the Crystal Salt stones will stop dissolving. It is now ready to be used.

The brine solution is to be consumed every morning, by diluting 1- 1/2 tsp of the salt water taken from the jar into a 6 to 8 oz glass of spring water, preferably on an empty stomach. Wait 10 minutes before eating or drinking.

This concentration will remain at 26% saturation as long as a piece of Crystal Salt is visible in the water. As the level of water in the jar goes down, add more spring water. You can add additional stones as the existing ones begin to disappear.

Use on regular basis: After three consecutive weeks, stop for one week, and then repeat.