Lumière de Sel®
Crystal Salt Bar

This bar is composed of 100% natural Himalayan Crystal Salt – meaning it is unmixed and unscented. It is used in the re-mineralization and hydration of the skin after a bath or shower.

Remineralization and Hydration – How To Use:
Following a bath or shower, apply a thin layer of the mineral salts to the surface of the skin by lightly patting or gliding the salt bar on a wet body – the bar is not a soap, and will not lather up. The moisture on the body will dissolve a layer of the salt and absorb it into the skin. Avoid rubbing, applying the salt slowly and gently to avoid skin irritation. The salt is then left on the skin to absorb as water evaporates. Avoid rinsing for maximum benefits.

Natural Deodorant:
The salt bar also makes an effective natural deodorizer. Run one end of the bar underwater before applying to underarms, or apply while you are wet and clean. (Always apply gently and avoid application to freshly shaven underarms!)

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