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What is Ceylon Cinnamon?Cinnamon Group

Ceylon Cinnamon is often called ‘true cinnamon’, and is a rarer form of cinnamon that grows in Sri Lanka. It is not the same cinnamon commonly seen in grocery stores, called “cassia”, which grows in Indonesia and China. Ceylon Cinnamon has a smoother taste and finer texture compared to the coarse, thick bark of cassia cinnamon – a lower quality spice that dominates our market. Common cassia cinnamon has also been shown to cause liver damage in high doses, while ‘true’ Ceylon Cinnamon is safer in larger quantities. This matters because Ceylon Cinnamon can be enjoyed more frequently for both its taste and health benefits without negative side effects.


See the Difference:

Aside from the taste, you can even see the difference. Cassia is thick bark, while Ceylon Cinnamon is composed of delicate thin layers.



Health Benefits:

Cinnamon is a super spice! Cinnamon is an excellent antioxidant, it has antibacterial properties and it provides a great source of vitamins and minerals such as manganese, fiber and calcium. Often used as a flavouring agent, Cinnamon can also be helpful in treating Type 2 diabetes by controlling blood sugar levels. To get the best effects, be sure to use Ceylon cinnamon, and not Cassia.


In the Kitchen:

There are many delicious ways to incorporate Ceylon cinnamon into your diet. Want a soul warming sweet drink that won’t put your blood sugar through the roof? Try some hot cinnamon tea! In fact, this soothing drink will work to lower your blood sugar.

For a simple treat or with breakfast spread honey and cinnamon on toast.  According to Ayurvedic medicine, mixing cinnamon with local unpasteurized honey will maximize the health benefits.

You can also chew on a cinnamon stick as a breath freshener and a digestive aid.




Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks – Organic & Fair Trade (25g)
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder – Organic & Fair Trade (30g and 5kg)
Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks (50g)
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder (50g and 5kg)
Ceylon Cinnamon Large 5” Sticks – Organic & Fair Trade (1kg and 5kg)
Ceylon Cinnamon Large 5” Sticks (5kg)



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