Kurundu Ltd
Organic Fair Trade Spices

* Certified Organic * Fair Trade *

Kurundu offers a large selection of pure, authentic spices, grown in Sri Lanka.


  • Directly imported from Farmer Group (PODIE)
  • Kurundu regularly visits farmers
  • All spices are Certified Organic and Fair Trade
  • Highest Quality – no storage between shipping
  • Available in 20-30g and 250g
  • In powdered and whole forms

Unique items include nutritious Ceylon Cinnamon – a desired but rare variety in the West. Ceylon Cinnamon has a smoother taste and finer texture compared to the coarse, thick bark of cassia cinnamon; a lower quality spice that dominates our market. Click here to read more.

Kurundu spices are Fair Trade and Certified Organic.  All of the spices except cumin, coriander and fennel are grown in Sri Lanka.  Cumin, coriander and fennel are grown in India and imported to Sri Lanka for processing and packaging.


Whole Spices

Powdered Spices

Cardamom Pods
Whole Chili Pepper
Whole Mace
Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks
Black Pepper Seeds
Cayenne Pepper Flakes
Whole Cloves
Coriander Seeds
Cumin Seeds
Ginger Pieces
Nutmeg with Shell
Nutmeg without Shell
Fennel Seeds
Fennugreek Seeds
Mustard Seeds
Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks
Curry (hot)
Curry (medium)
Curry (sweet)
Ceylon Cinnamon
Cayenne Pepper
Ceylon Cinnamon


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