HealthEsalt contains only half the sodium of common salt yet has all the flavour and looks, cooks, bakes and tastes the same as table salt. HealthEsalt is not the same as other low sodium alternatives. Those other “salts” are blends of a few ‘odd tasting’ minerals that leave most people complaining of a metallic or tinny taste.

HealthEsalt is the all-natural blend of mineral salts providing all the taste of table salt, but only half of the sodium! Simply using HealthEsalt the same way you would table salt can cut your sodium intake by as much as 50% without sacrificing any flavour! It’s the easy way to minimize sodium and keep your doctor happy.

  • Blend of Natural Mineral Salts
  • Full Salt Taste
  • Half The Sodium
  • Bakes and cooks like Salt

Governments worldwide have recently warned against the consumption of excessive sodium in our diet. It appears in our cooking, is added to food at the table and is heavily present in processed food.

The link has been made between excessive salt / sodium in our diets and the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and heart attacks. Thus virtually every health agency is jumping on the low salt / sodium bandwagon.

We are what we eat, so the saying goes, and today we are increasingly concerned about how what we eat affects our bodies. Common table salt – sodium chloride (NaCl) – while essential for health, is something we eat far too much of. On average we consume about five times more sodium than our bodies need to function. Now that salt – or more precisely, the sodium part of it – is being closely linked with high blood pressure, heart disease and heart attacks. It is time to cut down.


Why Do We Consume So Much Salt?

The simple answer is: it tastes so good. Not only is salt a flavour enhancer, it is a basic flavour we all enjoy to varying degrees and yes, even crave. We are born with an inherited taste for salt, and our consumption throughout our lives is an attempt to satiate our desire.

The best way to reduce sodium is also the simplest – reduce the salt you use at the table and add when cooking. If you or your family finds unsalted foods bland, then consider HealthEsalt, the low-sodium alternative to satisfy your taste-buds.


Good for Your Potassium Levels, Too!

Government, Researchers, Dieticians and Nutritionists agree that sodium consumption needs to be dramatically reduced throughout the world. This high salt intake is linked to increasing blood pressure levels leading to increased risk of strokes, heart related problems and osteoporosis.

There is now good evidence that high blood pressure can be associated with a low intake of potassium. Furthermore, diets high in potassium have successfully lowered blood pressure in animal and human experiments. The effect of potassium supplementation is usually greater in experiments where sodium consumption is high. This indicates that the balance ( i.e. ratio) of these nutrients may be critical in achieving optimum nutrition.

The use of HealthEsalt in place of salt would result in a 50% reduction in sodium content and a significant increase in potassium content, thereby significantly reducing the ratio of sodium to potassium. For most people, an increase in potassium is highly beneficial because the average diet contains less than 80% of the recommended daily intake.