Easy Vitamins and Minerals®

Easy Vitamins & Minerals Bones is the most bio-available, highly absorbable complex of clinically proven active natural compounds supporting the health of your bones and teeth. Easy Vitamins & Minerals Bones is a 100% natural, completely soluble, grit-free, fine powder formula comprised of organic calcium, organic magnesium, vitamin D and Fiberrific.

  • The highest absorption potential of any cal-mag supplement.
  • Odorless, tasteless and does not change the taste or texture of citrus drinks.
  • Easy Vitamins & Minerals Bones contains a unique complex of organic calcium, magnesium and vitamin D with enhancers for maximum absorption regardless of age, nutrition or hormone status.


Each rounded teaspoon contains…

1063mg calcium (Phosphate) providing 217mg organic elemental calcium, 2320mg magnesium (citrate & ascorbate) providing 135mg organic elemental magnesium,  and 12.5mcg of Vitamin D2 (500 IU).