562f96f0bc3bfd0db6feaf906e841574_ra,w403,h403_pa,w403,h403Kurundu offers ground cloves and whole cloves. What are cloves / the benefits of cloves?
Cloves (Eugenia caryophyllus) are known for their aromatic warm, sweet taste giving gingerbread and pumpkin pie that special flavour.  Cloves are good for digestion and have anti-inflammatory properties. Our cloves are fair trade, certified organic and grown in Sri Lanka.

The Plant

The unopened flower buds of a large evergreen tree, cloves are about the size and shape of small nails. When the buds turn a bright red they are collected and dried.


Health Benefits

An excellent source of manganese, omega-3 fatty acid, vitamin K, dietary fiber, and vitamin C, there’s no denying cloves are good for you.  Clove’s active component, eugenol, is an anti-inflammatory substance often used in dentistry.  Eugenol, in combination with other components, forms a mild anesthetic as well as an antibacterial agent. With these properties it’s no surprise that you’ll find clove oil in some over-the-counter sore throat sprays and mouth washes. Beyondae0cafa454f6b3178657efb6976dc451_ra,w403,h403_pa,w403,h403 its nutritional value and use in dentistry, cloves improve digestion by increasing gastro-intestinal enzyme secretions that relieve indigestion and problems with constipation.

Cloves are also potent antioxidants with an ORAC (Oxygen radical absorbance capacity) value of 290,283 per 100 grams as based on the TEAC (Trolox equivalent antioxidant capacity) unit of measure. Compare this to the ORAC value of popular antioxidant fighters like blueberries, which sits at just 4,669, and Goji berries at 3,290. A single teaspoon (2 grams) of cloves will provide a TEAC value of 5,805, more than the TEAC value of 100 grams of berries!


Consuming a very small amount of cloves can give you the same level of antioxidant benefit as a handful of berries and at only a fraction of the cost!


In the Kitchen

In the cooler seasons add a warming note to apple cider by adding ground cloves and cinnamon. Try spicing up your soups and broths by adding an onion pierced with whole cloves.

To keep the fragrance and flavor intact, grind your clove just before preparing dishes. A coffee grinder works great, just remember to wipe it clean to avoid rust forming on the blades. Add the clove at the very end of cooking to prevent the evaporation of its healthy essential oils.

* Our spices at Kurundu are sterilized using autoclave technologies, (high pressure steam) and irradiation is never used. We are also proud of our high quality packing materials. A food grade triple-laminate preserves the aroma and essence of our spices, getting them to you fresh and free of moisture every time.