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Bio Green Crystals™
Biodegradable Cleaning Products

(7 g)

• Professional Strength, Non-toxic, Zero Waste, Doctor Endorsed, *The Safest, most environmentally friendly products on the market*

Reduce your carbon footprint – don’t pay for the weight of water and plastic! Tackle all grime throughout your home with Bio Green Crystals; biodegradable, water-soluble sachets of crystallized cleaning concentrate. Safe for people, pets and the planet!
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Bio Green Crystals™
Reusable Empty Spray Bottle


• SLS Free, 1L, Reusable

This spray bottle is the correct volume for dissolving any Bio Green Crystal™ sachets. It is reusable, and SLS Free (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate). A check-off list on the front allows you to keep track of the contents of the bottle.
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Himalayan Soapnuts™

(250g & 1kg)

• Certified Organic, 100% Biodegradable, No Additives or Preservatives, Non-polluting Contents and Packaging

Himalayan Soapnuts™ are the most ecologically responsible and economically-sound laundry detergent. They can also be used as a pure, natural shampoo, all-purpose cleaner, gentle pet wash, or natural pesticide. Read more…

Stain Removing Salt


• Removes Stains, Disinfects, Deodorizes, Colour Safe, Environmentally Friendly

Our Stain Removing Salt is made of sodium percarbonate, a non-polluting cleaning agent free of chlorine and phosphates. It is an ecological, environmentally safe alternative for stain removal.
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Selenite Lamps and Tea Light Holders

(2kg & 3kg)

• Cleansing, Grounding, Energy Enhancing, Ideal for Meditation

This pearly white stone is composed of long fibres that are responsible for the beautiful play of light from these lamps and tea light holders. Selenite is not only beautiful, but is believed to hold energetic properties beneficial for mental clarity and skeletal health.
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Cleaning System

• Chemical Free Cleaning, Extremely Durable, Time and Money Saving, Ideal for Allergy Sufferers (award winning)

Perfect cleaning with only water! This is not a cheap ‘micro-fibre’ cloth. High quality fibres break up and hold dirt, grease and bacteria, eliminating the need for chemical cleaning solutions. E-Cloths last for years, which not only saves you money (about $200 a year/ average household), but is also kinder on the environment (reduces chemical use by 90%).
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Simple Sudz™
Cream Cleaners

• Hypoallergenic, Biodegradable, Non-toxic, 100% Natural Ingredients, Child and Pet Safe

A line of highly effective multi-purpose cream cleaners with 100% natural ingredients. Tough on stains, gentle on your health and the planet!

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Liquid Laundry Detergent

(4oz, 10oz, 101.4oz)

• Multiple Award Winning
• 100% Natural & Safe
• Certified USDA Organic
• Fluffs and Softens Naturally
• Safe For: Nut Allergies, Diapers, Septic Tanks

Best for HE Machines!
Made from soapberry extract with only three ingredients, the combination has proved to be a highly effective cleaner, requiring only a teaspoon for a regular load of laundry. This high concentration is packaged in recyclable aluminum – making it lightweight to ship.
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Wool Dryer Balls

(4 balls)

Eco Nuts® Dryer Balls are a reusable, healthy, natural and chemical-free alternative to dryer sheets.

– Softens clothes
– Reduces drying time
– Saves Energy
– Saves money
– Plastic and chemical free
– Helps reduce wrinkles

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Glass Cleaner

(10oz, 101.4oz)

Our Certified Organic Glass Cleaner utilizes the cleaning power of organic Eco Nuts®, organic vinegar and organic essential oils and botanical extracts for a streak-free shine. A large 3 litre box is available to refill your bottle and reduce waste.
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Multi-Surface Cleaner

(10oz, 101.4oz)

The ultimate in certified organic liquid surface cleaners! Safe to use around children and pets – phosphate-free, sulfate-free, ammonia free and alcohol free. It works on tile, metal, stone, porcelain enamel, chrome, laminate, quartz composites, and other non-porous surfaces.

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Cleaning Powder


An incredible multipurpose scouring powder. All natural and superb for scouring pots and pans, cleaning bathrooms, tile, porcelain, metal and more. This is specially formulated to keep from scratching delicate surfaces, deodorize, and power its way through all kinds of messes.
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ECO NUTS® Extra Wash Bags

Additional cotton wash bags to put your soap nuts in.

Each box of Eco Nuts comes with at least one wash bag. If you’re going to the laundromat and need several more bags, or you lost the ones that came with your boxes, never fear! These are very high quality cotton bags that will stand up to hundreds of washings. Read more…


Create your own nut milks – and more! Chufamix® is a device that allows you to extract the juice from nuts, grains, seeds and plants.

• No big, bulky, expensive juicing machine needed!
• Simple, easy to use device
• Create nutrient dense drinks
• Customize your nut milk – exciting for those avoiding dairy!
• BPA Free
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