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Moroccan Lava Clay


• Detoxifying Body Clay
• Face, Body, or Hair Mask
• Moisturizing
• Great for All Skin Types

This detoxifying clay can be used as a moisturizing mask from head to toe for full-body skin nutrition! It is suitable for all skin types – it will not leave your skin oily or dry. It reduces dryness and improves skin texture, elasticity and firmness. It can also be used as an effective cleanser and conditioner for hair.
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River City Herbals
Calendula Line

• Organic Calendula Ointment
• Organic Calendula Oil
• Organic Calendula Flower Soap
• Calendula/Lemon Grass Soap
• Patchouli/Passion Soap
• OM Lip Balm

River City Herbals botanical remedies are made from the highest quality organic ingredients, including certified organic Calendula flowers, extra virgin olive oil and untreated natural beeswax. Calendula is a traditional treatment for almost every kind of skin condition, wounds or irritations. Wonderfully soothing, Calendula stimulates blood flow, heals damaged tissue and makes your skin supple and resistant to irritants. Read more…

Asana Woman – Sanitary Napkins

Asana is the most technologically advanced natural sanitary napkin.

• Natural Antibacterial Action: Nano-Silver
• 99.9% Effective on Candida Yeast
• Health Promoting
• Controls Odour Naturally
• Ultra Thin and Absorbent
• Patented, Health Canada Approved Technology Read more…

Asana Girl – Sanitary Napkins

Asana Girl is specially designed to fit young girls’ shape and lifestyle. The variety pack is perfect for girls who are starting their period and do not know what size is good for them.
Asana technology combines powerful Minerals with Nano-Silver technology to create a naturally antibacterial layer to protect your health. It is proven 99.99% effective on candida yeast and other bacteria and is approved by Health Canada. Read more…

Kalp™ Ayurvedic Skin Care

• Edible Ingredients• No Harmful Chemicals• Non Toxic• Vegan• UNISEX• No Parabens• No SLS Kalp is a holistic route to effective skin care management. Made in Canada skin & personal care products are handcrafted and deeply rooted in ancient Ayurveda, … Read more…

Magic Mud™

 My Magic Mud Whitening Tooth Powder is made with activated charcoal & bentonite clay. Use at night for a deep clean & extra whitening. • The “magic” in My Magic Mud® Activated Charcoal Tooth Powder is in the simplicity of … Read more…

Aussie Trace Minerals – Ocean Sourced Minerals

Naturally harvested from the pristine Southern Australian coast, Aussie Trace Minerals is a pure Ionic Trace Mineral solution derived from 100% solar concentrated and Sodium reduced ocean water. In addition to being very high in absorbable Magnesium, it also contains … Read more…

Matraea – Mom & Baby Care Line

 Pregnancy is a trigger for healthy living and Matraea products are formulated to meet all your customers needs. Adding the Matraea line to your store will help you attract new and expectant Moms. Matraea organic loose leaf herbal teas support … Read more…

Emani Vegan Cosmetics

Emani is…                                                             100% vegan and gluten-friendly 100% cruelty-free 100% talc-free and … Read more…

Ecoideas® Avocado Oil Facial Serum

• Aids in the softening of the skin reduces the incidence of age spots • Rich in antioxidants • Contains omega-3 fatty acids • Helps relieve dry and itchy skin • Increases the production of collagen which helps keep the … Read more…

Genial Day Liners and Pads

By using eco human-friendly materials, and even a semi-gem stone tourmaline, we have developed extremely absorb-able eight-layered pads with an anion strip. It provides the greatest protection from leaks, odor, allergies, bacteria, breathable and healing. Pure, healthy and comfortable. The … Read more…

Genial Day Menstrual Cups

SAFE – EFFECTIVE – CONVENIENT – ECO-FRIENDLY – COMFORTABLE – AFFORDABLE – PRACTICAL – HYGIENIC Made with Medical Grade TPE. Hypoallergenic: does not cause skin irritation. Reusable and recyclable. Free of silicone, latex, BPA and phthalate. Ecological and economical. Menstrual cup … Read more…


Dry air, dust, virus, bacteria, cigarette smoke, pollen, cold, humidity… causes dryness and congestion of the nose and irritation of the nasal mucous membrane. These problems leads to respiratory discomfort and functional alteration of the nose in adults, children and … Read more…

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