Shampoos & Conditioners

Conditioners-and-shampoosWhat Makes DEVAS™ Different?

DEVAS™ products are fabricated in Gaspesie from plants, vegetables and honey harvested on our certified organic farm. We are a cooperative situated in the heart of a GMO free valley. Our products contain a minimum of 90% natural origin ingredients and 12% organic ingredients.


On Hair Health…

Hair is often treated as a fabric external to the body, and is washed like a pair of jeans – as opposed to being given the same treatment as one would give skin. Harsh chemicals and perfumes can damage the hair, and more importantly, the scalp; one of the body’s most porous skins! DEVAS™ offers natural products infused with organics, so you can treat your hair and scalp with the care it deserves. Your hair will love it – and this is a difference you can see!


Our Natural Hair Care Products: 


  • Prevent hair loss (no harsh chemical exposure to the scalp or hair roots!)
  • Scalp tonic
  • Fortifies
  • Strengthens
  • Restores shine and bounce to hair
  • Remineralising



Handpicked, Organic, and Natural Ingredients – Always:

Organic active ingredients from Gaspé:

(Nettle, lettuce, cucumber, goldenrod, horsetail and honey)

Other organics active ingredients:

(Lime Hydrosol)

Natural source active ingredients:

(Orange, bergamot and grapefruit essential oil)


*Perfumes delight the senses. Our shampoo and capillary balm contain orange, bergamot and grapefruit (essential oils) or orchid & linden (these fragrances do not contain any phtalates).