GMO Free Body Lotions

Lotion-groupWhat makes DEVAS™ different?

DEVAS™ products are fabricated in Gaspesie from plants, vegetables and honey harvested on our certified organic farm. We are a cooperative situated in the heart of a GMO free valley. Our products contain a minimum of 90% natural origin ingredients and 12% organic ingredients.


Our Lotions are…

  • For all skin types
  • Blood circulation stimulants
  • Highly nourishing
  • Protective action
  • Effective Moisturizers


All of our body and face lotions contain…

  • Organic active ingredients from Gaspé:

(Cucumber, lettuce, elder tree flower, red clover and honey)

  • Other organic active ingredients:

(Arnica & olive oil)

  • Natural source active ingredients:

(Shea butter, lavender essential oil)


*Perfumes delight the senses. Our body lotions contain lavender (essential oil) or vanilla
(these fragrances do not contain any phtalates).