Raw Chocolates

BeRaw-group-websiteBe.Raw. Chocolate bars are created with Raw, Organic, Fair Trade ingredients.
Our bars are made with carefully chosen ingredients based on their energies and healing benefits including fine, Heirloom, wildcrafted raw cacao. Each of our 7 flavours is infused with the balancing energies of the 7 main chakras or energy centres in the body. Each bar is then given a healing blessing based on the ancient teachings of the Tao.

• Raw, Organic, Fair Trade ingredients

• Free of soy, nuts, gluten, dairy and emulsifiers.

• 7 unique flavours correspond to chakras (energy centres in the body):

  • Chai
  • Lavender
  • Earth Salt
  • Crunchy Mint
  • Pure
  • Vanilla-Orange Essence
  • Star Anise Infused.