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Raw Chocolates


• Raw, Organic, Fair Trade ingredients
• Free of soy, nuts, gluten, dairy and emulsifiers.
• 7 unique flavours correspond to chakras (energy centres): Chai, Lavender, Earth Salt, Crunchy Mint, Pure, Vanilla-Orange Essence, and Star Anise Infused. Read more…

RAW Avocado Oil


Keeping avocado oil RAW preserves the antioxidants, beneficial nutrients of the avocado, as well as its buttery rich flavour.

– Cold Pressed
– Unfiltered
– 100% HASS Avocados
– Chemical Free
– Extra Virgin
– Omega 3-6-9
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Gourmet Avocado Oils


Cold Pressed, Chemical Free, Extra Virgin, Omega 3-6-9, Gourmet Flavours – Truly Unique!

– *Andean Star* (with small floating stars made from avocado leaves!)
– *Chili Breeze* (infused with Ecuadorian Rocoto Chili peppers)
– *RAW* (raw and unfiltered)
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Rice Bran Oil

(250ml and 1L)

• Made from GMO-free basmati rice
• High smoke point of 495°F
• Rich in Antioxidants: 110% of your daily Vitamin E in 1 tbsp!
• ZERO cholesterol
• ZERO trans fat
• Gluten and Hexane free

Ecoideas Rice Bran oil contains Gamma Oryzanol, an antioxidant only found in Rice Bran Oil. Rice Bran Oil makes an excellent cooking oil because if its high smoke point of 495°F. Read more…

NEW! MIRA Gourmet Avocado Oils

Mira Avocado Oil is available in RAW, Andean Star, and Chili Breeze. Cold pressed for maximum retention of nutrition and rich buttery flavour! It is made from 100% HASS Ecuadorian Avocados… nothing else. NO additives, preservatives or colouring – just … Read more…

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Grand Prize WINNERS!

The lovely Jane and Chris from Lifestyle Markets in Victoria have won Ecoideas’ CHFA West 2014 GRAND PRIZE! This Ultimate Fitness Pack is worth over $500, and is stuffed with Ecoideas products and cool items like a Fitbit watch, iPod, … Read more…

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River City Herbals
Calendula Line

• Organic Calendula Ointment
• Organic Calendula Oil
• Organic Calendula Flower Soap
• Calendula/Lemon Grass Soap
• Patchouli/Passion Soap
• OM Lip Balm

River City Herbals botanical remedies are made from the highest quality organic ingredients, including certified organic Calendula flowers, extra virgin olive oil and untreated natural beeswax. Calendula is a traditional treatment for almost every kind of skin condition, wounds or irritations. Wonderfully soothing, Calendula stimulates blood flow, heals damaged tissue and makes your skin supple and resistant to irritants. Read more…


Cumin / cummin is sold as cumin seeds / cumin powder.   What is cumin? Cumin (Cuminum cyminum) is one of the main ingredients in curry powder and has a nutty peppery flavour with citrus overtones. Our cumin is fair … Read more…


Coriander (cilantro) is sold as coriander seeds or powder.   What is coriander? Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) also known as cilantro, is one of the world’s oldest spices with recorded use from as long ago as 5000 BCE. The seeds have … Read more…


Kurundu offers ground cloves and whole cloves. What are cloves / the benefits of cloves? Cloves (Eugenia caryophyllus) are known for their aromatic warm, sweet taste giving gingerbread and pumpkin pie that special flavour.  Cloves are good for digestion and … Read more…

Cayenne Pepper

The benefits of cayenne pepper are plentiful! Try cayenne pepper tea this winter to stave off colds and keep your body’s heart and digestive system in top shape. Excellent for heart and digestive health, cayenne pepper comes from the dried … Read more…


Kurundu offers organic green cardamom pods and cardamom powder. What is cardamom? Cardamom (or cardamon, scientific name Elettaria cardamomum) has been used medicinally in India for thousands of years. With a peppery, citrusy flavour, cardamom is one of the healthiest … Read more…

Black Pepper

Mildly spicy with a citrus, woody aroma, black pepper (Piper nigrum) commonly known as pepper, aids in  digestion, helps detoxify the body and new studies are praising its weight loss capabilities. Excellent with almost any dish and excellent for you, … Read more…

Kurundu Ltd
Pure Ceylon Cinnamon Tea

(60g, 24 teabags)

• 100% Pure Cinnamon Tea – No Additives
• Made from only Ceylon Cinnamon (NOT cassia!)
• Calms blood sugar peaks
• Beneficial effect on free radicals in blood
• Delicious and soothing!

Ceylon Cinnamon is often called ‘true cinnamon’. It is not the same cinnamon commonly seen in grocery stores. Ceylon Cinnamon has a smoother taste compared cassia cinnamon – a lower quality spice that dominates our market.
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Kurundu Ltd
Ceylon Cinnamon

(25g, 30g, 50g, 1kg, 5kg)

Ceylon Cinnamon is often called ‘true cinnamon’. It is not the same cinnamon commonly seen in grocery stores. Ceylon Cinnamon has a smoother taste and finer texture compared to the coarse, thick bark of cassia cinnamon – a lower quality spice that dominates our market.

• High quality
• Available whole or powdered
• Truer cinnamon taste
• Full health benefits of cinnamon
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Kurundu Ltd
Organic Fair Trade Spices

(20-30g & 250g)

• Certified Organic
• Fair Trade
• Directly imported from Farmer Group (PODIE)
• Regularly visits farmers
• High Quality – no storage between shipping
• In powdered and whole forms

Kurundu offers a large selection of pure, authentic spices grown in Sri Lanka. Unique items include nutritious Ceylon Cinnamon, known as ‘true cinnamon’.
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