Asana Girl – Sanitary Napkins

Asana-Girl-GroupAsana Girl is specially designed to fit young girls’ shape and lifestyle. The variety pack is perfect for girls who are starting their period and do not know what size is good for them.


Think feminine protection products should also protect your health? So do we.


• Natural Antibacterial Action: Nano-Silver
• Health Promoting
• 99.9% Effective on Candida Yeast
• Controls Odour Naturally
• Ultra Fast Absorbency Keeps You Dry: 6 layers that are 1mm thick in total!
• Ultra-Thin for Maximum Comfort
• Breathable Material Keeps You Fresh
• Patented, Health Canada Approved Technology
• Made with Organic Cotton
• Canadian Brand


The Most Advanced Natural Feminine Hygiene

Asana Sanitary Napkins contain a patented Biowave Advantage™ layer. This technological advancement in feminine protection combines powerful Minerals with Nano-Silver technology to create a naturally antibacterial layer. This layer is so effective that Health Canada has classified the Biowave Advantage™ layer as a Medical Device Class 1 (antibacterial). Independent testing by SGS Group (the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing and certification organization) has certified the Biowave Advantage™ layer as 99.99% effective on the bacteria escherichia coli, staphylococcus aureus, and candida yeast.


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