AMANDIN® Healthy & Delicious Milk Alternatives

Organic Teff Beverage

Certified Organic – GMO FREE – Gluten Free – Vegan

Teff is a cereal first grown in Ethiopia 5,000 years ago. It is rich in fibre, carbohydrates and minerals (calcium, iron and magnesium). It is highly appreciated by sports practitioners for its ability to restore energy levels.



Macadamia Nut Beverage

GMO FREE – Gluten Free – Vegan

Macadamia Nuts are considered one of the five finest nuts in the world. They are a good source of energy and are rich in healthy, unsaturated fatty acids. They are appreciated for their creamy delicious taste.



Kamut® with Cocoa

Certified Organic – GMO FREE – Vegan

Khorasan Kamut® wheat stands out for its pleasant taste and high nutritional value, containing a higher proportion of proteins and minerals than conventional wheat. This Kamut drink is infused with cacao, making it a delicious treat, hot or cold.




Tigernut Milk

Vegan – Certified Organic – GMO Free – Gluten Free

Despite their name, tigernuts are not actual nuts! They are naturally sweet, very high fibre tubers that are used in Spain to make this traditional (and very popular) drink.