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Aussie Trace Minerals® Ocean Sourced Minerals

• Pristine source • Extensively tested for heavy metals and purity • Extremely concentrated • Naturally balanced • Unbeatable electrolyte profile • 212 mg of Magnesium per serving • Low Sodium • Bio available • Ionic minerals for greater absorption • Alkalizing • Energizing • Electrifying

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Minerals, your Keto Catalyst

By Allyson AV Johnson – Metabolic/Energy Specialist - IG: @masteryofplay Ketosis a state in which the body uses fat as a primary fuel. As popular as the word keto seems to be lately, it has been around for quite some time. First used in the 1920s to help those with epilepsy to fuel their brain [...]

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Aussie’s Best Magnesium & Trace Mineral Spray – 120ml

We source our Trace Minerals from the pristine Southern Australian coast, and concentrate them in a very organic way that maintains the very delicate and important balance of these elements, to deliver a finished product that helps soothe muscles, aches and pains, and is a great way to increase ones overall trace mineral levels within the [...]

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